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Spyder Robotics.
Cleaning, a part of our lives, is a robot vacuum cleaner that comes out to solve the problems that take away the labor and time of busy modern people. Now it has become popular as one of the household appliances.

On the other hand, you haven't heard much about window-cleaning robots that might be a little unfamiliar. Our name is Spyder Robotics (SR), a technology startup that researches and develops window cleaning robots, and a native Korean company. I've been looking for business items that people don't like and have a hard time doing in their lives for a long time, and one of them came to mind is the Glass Window Cleaning Robot. Self-employed people who do not have time to clean the windows of the store, housewives who want to clean the veranda windows of apartments piled up with fine dust, and building owners and companies who want to keep the windows clean, especially these days, there are many cases where the windows become easily dirty due to the effects of fine dust.

In the non-face-to-face era, where prevention and cleanliness are considered more important, such as corona (C-19), window cleaning is especially difficult, troublesome, and sometimes dangerous. Most of all, because of the danger, I decided to develop it to make it a clean robot that is easy to move and store with innovative designs and simple functions.

There are many windows of coffee shops, restaurants, apartment veranda and skyscrapers that we see all around us, but what you feel is probably the common opinion of "not clean." However, it is window-cleaning that many of the household and office cleaning companies around them either turn a blind eye to it or leave it out of the basic specifications. It's because it's that difficult, difficult, and dangerous. So window cleaning costs about 2 to 3 times more than normal cleaning.

For your information, we have two types of products: industrial and coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and home appliances for cleaning windows on the veranda of apartments. To explain the difference between the existing products, most of the existing window cleaning robots need to draw air through impeller, which requires a strong suction force in a 'vacuum suction' manner.

As you know, every window had its limits, because of the frame (window sill), that it couldn't be overcome with a conventional cleaning robot. However, our product got an idea from the flexible leg shape of a spider and made it go over the window sill.

To sum up, technology was "solenoid piston vacuum caused by adsorption type" using spider legs in shape and deflection, in the window and quiet.The servo motor using the flexibility to move and cleaning the window sill. Smart functions enable fast and efficient cleaning through automatic path setting through collision-resistant infrared sensors and optimal path exploration algorithms. We are planning to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) if possible, during the development stage.

Lastly, please pay a lot of attention to our Spyder Robotics and we will work harder to become a global window cleaning robot company that will shine Korea.

I hope you are always healthy and have a happy day in your house.
Thank you.

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