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2type model


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Product descriptions

It is an all-weather window cleaning robot that can wipe various windows beyond window sill using spider's multi-legged, multi-jointed leg shape and adsorption components.
With the latest advanced application technology and innovative insect-shaped design, it is the world's first ultra-lightest product and a folding model that is easy to move and store in a private bag, enabling after-sales service anytime, anywhere in Korea.

Centipede Specifications
Size 500 x 250 x 150
Weight 15 and 20 kg
Use for high-rise buildings
Operation method

solenoid piston

Internal BLDC Motor (Brush)

servomotor articulation method

Supplementary device

UPS Power Unit

built-in lithium-ion battery

fixed method anti-falling wire (carbon fiber), roof retaining method
Supply Type Cleaner Hose
special note

solar panel

water-removing wipers

Anti-Collision Infrared Sensor

two round brushes for rotation

two round brushes for rotation

night driving light

※ Internal specifications can be changed during development.

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