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100% domestic technology window cleaning robot!

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100% domestic technology window cleaning robot!

When it comes to window cleaning, many people only think about cleaning from the inside. Even if I try to clean the outside, I can't easily challenge it because it's dangerous.

But it's expensive and risky to call someone in. That's why it's hard to leave it to you.

But I think window-cleaning robots are the ones who think a lot about cleaning the exterior. Most of the existing glass cleaning robots use Chinese products.

I think it's because it's cheap and easy to buy directly. But when you actually use it, you're not very satisfied with the product. The customer satisfaction level is low due to poor returns and service.

Moreover, the existing window cleaning robot cannot go over the window chin, making it difficult to clean.

There's a problem that you have to repeat one after another. It's a hassle, of course, but it's hard to clean properly.

It is difficult to move large and heavy cleaning robots in medium to large sizes when cleaning high-rise buildings. In addition, if you are adopting a vacuum absorption method for use in stores such as apartment veranda windows and coffee shops, you should also consider the noise caused by the use of powerful motors. I think it's more difficult to manage stores regularly.

Spyder Robotics was developed by a domestic technology startup with domestic researchers to solve these problems.

Spyder Robotics is a product divided into Centipede for skyscrapers and Spider for household appliances.

I solved the problem that the existing window cleaning robot has. The spider's shape can be crossed between the glass sill and the sides using both the flexing legs and the solenoid piston method.

It has the advantage of being able to clean at once.

Moreover, it is easy to manage cleaning robots in high-rise buildings with miniaturized and lightweight products. Moreover, since it is made by domestic researchers and produced in Korea, not only A/S but also C/S processing can be done quickly and conveniently.

The data collected by the sensor is designed to enable efficient cleaning route selection and learning through the optimal route search algorithm. Inside the device, it also has an infrared sensor to prevent collision.

Based on these technologies and advantages, we have plans to enter overseas markets. It is a cleaning robot that makes cleaning of difficult windows easy and easy, and we are planning to start selling products from next year. As we are targeting the global market beyond China, why don't you pay attention to Spyder Robotics, which is made with our technology 100 percent?

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